WOD @THEBOX - 10. Juli


Max. Strict Pull Ups


WU: 400m Run

Then 2 Rounds

15m Bear Crawl

15m Sumo Walk

10 Shoulder Taps

5 Walk Outs w. Push Up

A: Chest Superset

Perform 3 Rounds

10 DB Bench Press (32X0)

10 Dips

10 Decline Push Ups B:

In Teams of 2

Buy In Together: 800m Run

Then 20min AMRAP

20 Synchro GTOH (40/30)

16 Synchro Burpee to Target (High Pull Up Bar)

12 Tire Flips (5 each - you can help each other)

8m Sled Push (2x each)



100 SU

Then 2 Rounds

10 Kipping Swings

10 Walk Outs

10 Jumping Squats

Then Prep for WOD


40min EMOM (45sec On / 15sec Off)

I. Mountain Climbers

II. Squat Pulses

III. Sit Throughs

IV. Running On The Spot

V. Navy Seal Burpees

VI. KB Swings

VII. Box Jumps / Step Ups

VIII. Alternating V-Ups

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